A Book of Poetry

#31 A book of poetry:

In the past, I had read a few of Maya Angelou’s poems separately, but never a compiled work of her poetry. I was exploring a local used bookstore when I came across a copy of one of her books. It’s been awhile since I read poetry, since I’m usually just a novel reader, but I was glad that I picked this piece up. For anyone who hasn’t been introduced to Angelou’s marvelous writing you are really missing out. A lot of her material is raw and serious. You can sometimes feel your heart breaking as you read her beautiful lines. I marked pages with a colorful sticky notes whenever I came across a line or phrase that I loved. By the time I finished, sticky notes were stuck every which way. I wish every person would take the time to really read at least one of her poems. I think we could all learn a little something from Ms. Angelou.


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