Challenge #3 A Trilogy

#58 A Trilogy:

Ok so this challenge is technically left over from last year’s reading challenge. I never got around to completing it last year so I thought I would add it onto this year’s challenge. I had the Doors Trilogy by Emily Rodda on my kindle and I was just in one of those moods for a quick fantasy read. Growing up, I read Rodda’s other series, the Deltora Quests and the Dragons of Deltora. I loved them! They were quick easy reads, but the world that Rodda created captured my attention and I found myself drowning in those books until I had read
them all (14 books total). I still have found memories of those books and often had nostalgic memories of reading on snowy nights with Christmas music playing in the background whenever I think of them. I was more than excited to return to her writing for another escape, even though I am now an adult. Perhaps that reason alone is why I didn’t enjoy this particular series too much. I found the start of the books to be too slow moving and the end too fast. I had a lot of different expectations that were never met and I was disappointed in the overall conclusion of the books. The characters had a lot of room for improvement and the action was a mix between exciting and sludgy. I mean I can’t say that I hated the books. I still imagine someone, especially a child, picking the Door Trilogy books up and enjoying them. They just were not as good as her previous work. I imagine that if I had read these books first, I would never have picked up the Deltora series. I might recommend these particular books for any parents out there who wants a good fantasy pick to read to their child. They are fast moving and can easily hold a readers attention. You’ll move through the books quickly and I think they could be a nice gateway into more serious fantasy series like the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, Eragon, or His Dark Materials  later in life.



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