Orphan Train

#10 A New York Times Bestseller:

Rating: 9/10

I’ve had Orphan Train sitting on my shelf for awhile now. I had been itching to read it basically ever since I got it, but school, work, and life kept getting in the way. My friend happened to have the audiobook and let me borrow it so I could listen to it on my way to work.

Let me tell you, this book delivered! The author does a great job weaving back and forth between the past and present. In my opinion, the storyline that takes place in the past was a lot more interesting than the modern day plot line (even though I loved the connection between the two). It really is a heartbreaking tale- think a dark Anne of Green Gables. Nothing goes right for our main character as she is shuffled from one tragedy to another.

Even though I liked the past sections better, I will say that I really enjoyed Molly in the present day. The fact that she gets in trouble for trying to steal a copy of Jane Eyre from the library just because she wanted to own her own copy attached me to her right away. I highly suggest The Orphan Train to anyone who enjoys reading historical fiction. Even if you don’t, I still recommend you give it a try. The story is a really well told one. Overall, I gave it a 9/10  rating and recommended it to all of my friends and family who haven’t read it yet.


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