Challenge #8 A Book Under 150 Pages


Surprisingly, this challenge was a little harder than I expected. I thought I would have plenty of books that met this requirement, but no. I actually had to search for one. Luckily I was recommended Queen of the Fall: A Memoir of Girls and Goddesses by some good friends. Queen of the Fall is actually a series of memoir essays of the author’s life. More specifically it’s about the author’s experiences with poverty as a woman. Not only does she talk about her experiences, but women’s experiences in general. It serves as sort of a dedication to the female sex. What I found most appealing with this book was the author’s clear talent with language. Damn can she write! For all us wanna-be authors out there, Livingston’s talent is what we strive for. The musicality of her prose transcended genre specific writing. While technically and essay style, sometimes it felt like I was reading a novel, and other times it felt like I was reading poetry. I was so excited to learn that she indeed has another book called Ghostbread and has another one coming out soon called Ladies Night at the Dreamland. Ghostbread is indeed her actual memoir where she gets more detailed about specific events that we witness in Queen of the Fall. I highly recommend both if you loved books like The Glass Castle . Dreamland looks like it’s going to be interesting as well, and the cover is gorgeous!


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