Challenge #11 A book you haven’t read since high school


One of my favorite books of all time is To Kill a Mockingbird which I read in my ninth grade English class. It was one of my first opportunities to read something truly substantial beyond the YA books I was reading at the time, and actually enjoying the experience. It has literally been ten years since I read TKM but my love for the book has never gone away, so when I saw this challenge I knew that TKM was the book I was going to pick.

One thing you need to know about me is that I do not re-read books. I’ve tried to in the past but I find that I get antsy because I have so many books on my shelf still waiting to be read. And as a result, re-reading ends up feeling like a waste of time. True there are times where I will go back and re-read my favorite parts of books, but to actually re-read the entire thing is almost impossible for me.

That antsy feeling arose in me again when I picked up TKM, especially in the beginning. To help me try reading the book from a new point of view, I decided to get the audiobook version, which had amazing reviews. Being able to listen to the actress bring the story to life allowed to experience the story in a whole new way and I ended up falling in love with the story all over again. Eventually I got to a point where I just picked up the book myself because I wanted to read it so much, and the audiobook was going to slow for me. Hopefully because I enjoyed my second reading so much, I won’t wait another ten years to pick it up again


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