Challenge #14 A Book that has a Color in the Title

Apparently this challenge was not a difficult one for me to accomplish. I did’t realize until I completed this challenge that I had actually already two books with a color in the title..5436850298c75ac4358bfe215cd482d7.jpg.oops. Oh well, I used those two for other challenges anyway (challenges 12 & 13).  To go along with the YA streak that I was on, I decided to pick up The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed his Percy Jackson Series. They are literally probably my favorite books. So I was expecting quite a bit from the his Egyptian series as well. I will admit that my standards were lowered by the fact that I hadn’t heard as much praise from the reading community about these books that I had about all his other books. The result was a mix between “Ok, this is a good story” and “Hmm, this seems a bit lack luster compared to the Greek Series.” I was particularly disappointed with the portrayal of the gods in The Red Pyramid compared to his other series. Growing up I loved both Greek and Egyptian mythology and when I read the Percy Jackson series I thought “Yes! This is exactly how I would imagine the Greek gods would be in a modern retelling with an audience focused on kids and young adults.” I didn’t get that feeling with the Egyptian gods however. They didn’t possess that immortal like quality that Riordan gives to the Greeks. Also, the plot was a little more confusing based on his descriptions. Other than that it wasn’t bad! Carter’s parts annoyed me a little. He definitely seemed like a stronger character when Sadie was telling the story. Sometimes he just seemed too forced. Overall I gave The Red Pyramid four stars. It’s still a great book for anyone to read and I’m looking forward to reading The Throne of Fire and The Serpent’s Shadow here soon.


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