Challenge #15 A Banned Book

f39c38ec882602eff2abee7c86b9130e.jpgI am sorry to say that I have only now just read The Diary of Anne Frank. When I was in middle school we read the play version and even went to go see the production, but now I feel like they did us a great disservice by not having us read the whole book. Anne was such a remarkable person.

There were many times that felt the same as Anne, especially when I though of my younger adolescent self. As a girl just starting to go through puberty, her situation was made even worse by the constraints of her living situations. Any child going through puberty, or any adult who remembers what it was like going through puberty would be able to easily relate to Anne. Especially since she holds nothing back. This diary was meant to be a place where she could write her most private thoughts in order to have an escape. She was “Kitty’s” only true audience until it’s world wide publication.

I was also surprised on Anne’s reflectiveness of the world around her. She was only 13-14 for the majority of the writing at yet she had a higher understanding of the issues at the time and asked great philosophical questions as a result. I loved Anne’s optimism and her willingness to always look to the future. Which is not to say that she never was in misery or doubt. She even mentioned a few times how it might be better if they were already caught and dead so that they would not have to wait so long for the unknown. But can anyone blame her? I think I would have been in much more despair had I been in her place.

I just hope that if I ever get to teach Anne’s diary to students, I can do her justice.


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